Melbourne and Sydney are one of the two most happening places around the world. Millions of people come here every year from different corners of the globe to enjoy the attractive life culture. Among a number of attractions, escort services in these two cities of Australia are popular among masses and infuse positive energy. While, locals always appreciate this amazing experience what Melbourne and Sydney Escorts offers, those who are new can simply feel anxious about facing escorts for the very first time. This blog is dedicated to the latter half of the people who are excited to experience these services but very nervous to handle it.


Here are some useful tips to overcome your anxiety before dealing with Escort:

Don’t Worry About Cleanliness of the Place:

Almost all the Sydney Escorts and Melbourne Escorts always prefer to have a meeting with their clients in a 5 star or metropolitan hotels where everything is perfect as per your expectations. Therefore, there is no need to cross-check the bed sheets, towel, soaps etc. because the entire room will be neat and clean as if it is your maiden date.

Pay Her Fees at the Arrival:

Escorts of Melbourne and Sydney follow a certain standard and policy. They only start the proceeding once they get paid. So, do not show your wildness immediately she arrived. Do not grab or kiss her at this moment. Have patience and welcome her like your guest. Give her fees in her hand as soon as possible. Most of the Sydney and Melbourne Escorts love to receive their fees enclosed in an envelope.


Follow the Safety Standard:

Just after her arrival, she makes sure about her safety. She might call her company to ensure her safe arrival. This is a normal practice for Sydney and Melbourne Escorts, so let it be. Post this, the escort may ask you for the health check. This may sound tacky but it’s a part of standard healthy steps for her and your protection. Follow what she says. She may tell you to take a bath. Do not bother about this as this is beneficial for both escort and you.


Commence off with Light Kissing:

Although, Australian community is much open as compared to other societies still it is not usual to get intimate with someone whom you met very first time. You can start off the proceedings with a light kiss of low intensity. This helps you to get comfortable and familiar to the girl. This will also minimize your initial nervousness. Post kissing, you can move to foreplay which is considered as the safest way to take a lead on your partner.


Conclude Wisely:

Finishing is also integral as much as the beginning. It is understood that physically, you are over after the wildest encounter with Sydney Escorts but the right way is to behave maturely before send her off. You can kiss, hug or pamper her before saying goodbye as this will become as the sweetest memory for you.